Teach kids to skateboard


Teach kids to skateboard early and playfully to ignite a lifelong passion for skateboarding.

These deceptively simple exercises help children building confidence. At some point they develop their own initiative and intuition, and naturally begin to explore and expand upon these exercises on their own, ultimately becoming self-directed learners.

Here are some suggestions to enhance the difficulty of any exercise:

  • Perform all exercises also riding switch (with your non-dominant leg forward)
  • Perform tricks at a specific point marked on the ground

Most important strive to practice everyday even if just for a few minutes!

How to teach kids to skateboard - Step by step

Level: 0
Age: 2+
Walk while holding your kids’ hand as they stand on the board.

Level: 1
Age: 2+
Allow your kid to briefly coast on the skateboard without holding his/her hand. When he/she become confident you can also give small pushes. 

Level: 2
Age: 2+
Hold your kids’ hand while he/she stand on the board and tries to push with his dominant foot.

Level: 2.5
Age: 3+
Encourage your kid to try pushing without holding your hands and hoping on the skateboard without lose balance. Stay next to him/her ready for an emergency catch!  

Level: 3
Age: 3+
Let your kid ride the skateboard autonomously.

Level: 3.5
Age: 3+
Let your kid getting familiar with stepping on the tail and raising the nose. Make it easier by putting the skateboard on a thick carpet or grass to stop it from rolling.

Level: 4
Age: 4+
Assist your kid to help him/her perform short manuals, just raising the nose of the skateboard for a few seconds. 

Level: 5
Age: 4+
Let your kid perform short manuals autonomously while riding. 

Level: 6
Age: 4+
Hold your kid by the hand to catch falls while he/she tries to roll off a flat curb keeping the skateboard parallel to the ground.

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