Teach kids parkour


Teach kids climbing early and playfully to ignite a lifelong passion for climbing.

These deceptively simple exercises help children building confidence while climbing. At some point they develop their own initiative and intuition, and naturally begin to explore and expand upon these exercises on their own, ultimately becoming self-directed learners.

Most important strive to practice everyday even if just for a few minutes!

How to teach kids climbing - Step by step

Level: 0
Age: 2+
Encourage kids to start climbing, partially holding their body weight to make it easier.

Level: 1
Age: 2+
Encourage kids to jump from small hights once on the wall. This way they learn to fall without getting injured, pushing away from the wall and absorbing the shock with their entire body. 

Level: 2
Age: 2+
Encourage kids to start climbing higher alone on easy routes with big holds, positioned close together and on slightly inclined walls. 

Level: 3
Age: 3+
Encourage kids to start climbing higher on vertical routes with smaller holds. Set objectives like particular holds to reach, objects to retrieve or carabiner to clip/unclip.

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