Learning activities after school

When my daughter was born I started looking into alternative education and even evaluated homeschooling. After some research and experimenting I ended up adopting an hybrid approach.

My kids still go to school but I pick them up in the afternoon and I tutor them from 3pm to 6pm. Since they are trained they are not fatigued when they finish school, instead excited about doing learning activities outside with their dad. 

They are 2 and 5 years old and for now our learning activities are mostly different sports, reading in different languages, music and algebra. As I couldn’t find a comprehensive guide on how to teach kids most of these skills I started experimenting with different approaches and techniques.

Philosophy of education

My philosophy is to bond with kids and educate through learning. I help kids learn many different skills so they can become better learners, discover their passions and learn to quickly adapt to changes, maybe even be actors of change. But also learn positive values, behaviours and attitudes. 

Learning isn’t always easy but struggles make us build deeper bonds. In the end, kids are always proud and grateful of everything they learnt as they feel more empowered, resourceful and self-confident.

6 principles to teach kids effectively

  1. Kids like everything, it is just about finding the right approach

  2. Learning is fun, it is just about finding the right exercise

  3. Start learning early and everything will become second nature to you

  4. Learn many different things to train all types of skills, make synergies and boost creativity

  5. Practice daily, train endurance and you won’t need to set goals. Always remember that even little is infinitely better than nothing

  6. Train autonomy, build initiative and start exploring reality on your own terms

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