A unique school for early childhood

We are experimenting and working to create a unique school for early childhood. What makes us unique is:

We pursue universal genius

Universal geniuses have a broad range of intellectual or creative abilities, they are able to apply those abilities to a wide range of subjects or problems. They are often thought of as being exceptionally versatile, and are able to adapt to and excel in many different areas of study or work.
Pursuing universal genius is the highest goal we could think of without constraining children to particular subjects, values, attitudes and cultures. We believe that only by aiming to the impossible children can reach the extraordinary! 
But how? What can children do to pursue universal genius? we can summarize our approach in 3 core daily routines:
  1. Share passion and enthusiasm for a wide range of topics and activities so children can become enthusiastic themselves, motivated and self-driven. 
  2. Constantly learning and developing different skills and concepts from science, sport, art, music, mathematics and much more.
  3. Creating and hypothesizing about new alternatives, new ways of doing things, new explanations to facts, new solutions to existing problems or about new problems. 

We welcome parents

Since we believe parents play a key role in childhood education we welcome parents who would like to play an active role in their children education at school. Parents can contribute as they like, they can become teachers, provide resources, suggest activities or just come to observe their children develop.

We share progress

Every child is unique and develops at his own pace. We identify, encourage and share every child unique progress using short videos. Watching progress is a way for the child to develop his own unique identity and for parents to bond deeper with their child.

If you would like to get involved reach out to: