Teach kids to play golf


Teach kids to play golf early and playfully to ignite a lifelong passion for golfing.

These deceptively simple exercises help children building confidence while playing golf. At some point they develop their own initiative and intuition, and naturally begin to explore and expand upon these exercises on their own, ultimately becoming self-directed learners.

Most important strive to practice everyday even if just for a few minutes!

How to teach kids to play golf - Step by step

Level: 0
Age: 2+
A big putting green is the perfect place to start practicing to hit the ball. The enthusiasm for the new environment helps ignoring the frustrations of the misses. 

Level: 1
Age: 3+
Guide your child performing his first proper swings. Insist on finding the right stance, grip, bending the knees and keeping the left arm straight while always keeping the head on the ball. 

Level: 2
Age: 3+
Encourage kids to setup autonomously and also take swings unassisted. Using foam balls and plastic clubs makes it safer and easier to practice golf anywhere. 

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