Teach kids to ride a bicycle


Teach kids to ride a bicycle early and playfully to ignite a lifelong passion for cycling.

These deceptively simple exercises help children building confidence while riding a bicycle. At some point they develop their own initiative and intuition, and naturally begin to explore and expand upon these exercises on their own, ultimately becoming self-directed learners.

Most important strive to practice everyday even if just for a few minutes!

How to teach kids to ride a bicycle - Step by step

Level: 0
Age: 2+
Encourage kids to start riding on a balance bike with both of their feet touching the ground.

Level: 1
Age: 2+
Encourage kids to practice turns. 1. get familiar with counter steering to initiate the turn, 2. lean for tighter turns and 3. manage speed to avoid falling inward.

Level: 2
Age: 2+
Encourage kids to balance without feet on the ground using slopes.

Level: 3
Age: 2+
Encourage kids to steer from one side to the other through obstacles. 

Level: 4
Age: 2+
Transition on a two wheel bike but help them balancing keeping their shoulder. The biggest challenge is to keep constant pedalling speed while looking forward.  

Level: 5
Age: 2+
Let them ride alone but stay close to prevent them from falling. Occasionally they steer in the wrong direction and lose balance. 

Level: 6
Age: 3+
Finally they should be able to ride straight routes autonomously 80% of the time. They still need help to avoid obstacles, brake and start off from still. 

Level: 7
Age: 3+
Let them ride on narrow roads with multiple twists and turns to improve their manoeuvrability skills and balance.

Level: 8
Age: 3+
Help your child go for long rides but be ready to help him/her to avoid obstacles from time to time.

More bicycle tutorials are coming (jump, wheelie, manual...)

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