Teach kids singing


Teach kids singing early and playfully to ignite a lifelong passion for music.

These deceptively simple exercises help children building confidence with singing. At some point they develop their own initiative and intuition, and naturally begin to explore and expand upon these exercises on their own, ultimately becoming self-directed learners.

Most important strive to practice everyday even if just for a few minutes!

How to teach kids singing - Step by step

Level: 0
Age: 3+
Get together and make a playlist with 10/20 songs. Play it while commuting, drawing, playing or doing sport. Try different artists, genres and styles since children are very good at learning by imitating.

Level: 1
Age: 3+
Quick and effective way to warm up the voice for kids. You can also do continuous siring going alternating up-down without pausing.

Level: 2
Age: 4+
Sing at slower speed to learn the lyrics of a song and improve diction. 

Level: 3
Age: 4+
Try many vocal workouts to train different aspects of singing, like: pitch, breath support, diction, stamina, resonance, expression and so on.

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