A Learning Coach to unleash your Child potential

How I became a Learning Coach

As a child, I enjoyed learning new skills, but I was always surprised to see how most teachers overcomplicated topics or focused on meaningless exercises and details. Growing up, I worked for 12 years in two process-heavy companies (Amazon and Decathlon). To continue learning and become an expert in Supply Chain & Forecasting, I had to focus on critical, complex, and hotly debated problems that no one could teach. So I started to develop a process to learn by myself more effectively. Finally, when my children were born, I decided to embark on a journey to help all parents, guardians, and educators optimize their children’s learning strategy. The essence of my approach is to design deceptively simple exercises so children can learn autonomously, at their own pace, receiving minimal or no guidance at all (have a look at some of my programs here). Inspired by the pragmatic approach of learning by experience theorized by John Dewey, the greatest educational philosopher of the 20th century, I am now putting his theories into practice.

How can I help you as a learning coach?

  • Make your child become a better and more autonomous learner 
  • How to get the most given your child appetences, your objective as parent and the environment you are currently living in’
  • How to find and hire the most effective teachers and guardians to help your child progress while it feels effortlessly
  • How to find the most empowering classes, courses, sports, or group activities for your child near you
  • How to remove blockers or change strategy to help your child learning something he lost interest into (children like everything if taught playfully and from the right angle)
  • How to optimize your child schedule to maximize practicing time without exhausting him/her
  • How to build empowering routines to be consistent and avoid conflict
  • And anything else to improve your child learning strategy 

How Learning Coaching works

First we have a free chat to see if and how I can help you. No strings attached. If we both agree I can help you, we have a second conversation to establish the objectives and if one or more sessions are needed.

During every session:

  •  you briefly share what is the current situation and what is your objective
  • I will give you 5 to 10 different solutions to improve the situation and move to the next level
  • Learning Coaching sessions are individual 45min long online coaching session with me
  • After each session you will receive a summary of actions to take and results expected
  • The price of one consultation is 99$, fully refunded if you don’t obtain the expected results